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We believe art is a fundamental and natural part of the human experience, that all children have a natural curiosity and instinct for creative expression, and that art is an experience to be lived and shared. The children at City and Country "make art" rather than "do projects," and the process of using art materials is the focus of the Art Program.

Collection Items

Two Paintings, One Easel
Two girls painting on a shared easel.

One Painting Two Brushes, 1964-65
Child painting on easel with two brushes.

Children Paint in Afterschool, 1933-34
Children work with cut paper, paints, and clay in C&C's Afterschool program.

Lewis W. Hine
Interpretive Photography
Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

About '33 or '34
Extended Services

Clay Dancer
A clay dancer made by a student.

Clay Hippo
A bust of a hippo in clay, exhibited at a student art show in 1981.

XIIs Greek Vase
A Greek style vase designed and created by a XII.

Three XIIs paint during art class.

Painting, XII, 1949-1950
Class of '51
Helen _
Yvonee _
Judy _

Painting at an Easel, 1960s
A child paints at an easel.

Drawing in Art, 1985
A child draws during Art class.

On slide:

Sculpting in Art, 1990
Children sculpt with clay during Art class.
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