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Woodworking, a hallmark of C&C's program, allows the children to contribute to their community in important ways, designing practical and artistic objects for use within their groups, the School, and their homes.

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Students with Handmade Boats in the Yard, 1920s
City and Country students, in the 1920s, pose with their handmade toy boats in the Yard.

IXs with Boats on 12th Street, 1920s
IXs standing outside 12th Street building, leaving for Central Park to sail handmade boats.

XIIs Build a Toy for IVs in Shop, Undated
Three XIIs build a toy for IVs as part of their IVs Job (undated).

XI Cutting Arc in Shop, 1949-50
An XI cuts an arc traced onto wood in Shop, 1949-50.

Verso of image: Alice [student]

XI Using Handmade Protractor in Shop, 1949-50
An XI uses a handmade protractor in Shop to create wooden animals, used by students in Lower School classrooms, 1949-50.

Verso of print: Jeremy [student]

Lower School, Shop, Circa 1920
Lower School children with woodworking construction.

VIIs, Woodworking, Permanent City, River Yard, Circa 1920
The VIIs' build their Permanent City in woodworking in the river yard.

VIIs, Woodworking, Permanent City, Circa 1920
VIIs build their Permanent City in woodworking.

VIIs, Woodworking, 1922-23
VIIs building in woodworking class.

VIIs, Woodworking, Circa 1920
VIIs building in woodworking class.
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