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A X records vocabulary in Spanish class.

A VI slides down the climber's slide in the River Yard.

Children work together to build a tower with outdoor blocks in the Block Yard.

Slide River Yard 2018.JPG
A VI slides down the climber's slide in River Yard.

IXs Store undated.tiff
Job chart for Nines NY Store.

VsW Rhythms 1 2018.jpg
A child in the VsW leaps from hoop to hoop in Rhythms class.

Three IXs read independently during Library.

Students' cups hang on hooks in a classroom.


Virginia Parker Block Yard 1970.jpg
IXs Teacher Virginia Parker reads aloud to her students in the Block Yard in 1970.

roof yard pano.jpg
IIIs gathered on the roof yard are captured in a panoramic shot.
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