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A classroom in 1920 filled with block structures.

IVs Roof Hang Upside Down.jpg
IVs play with outdoor equipment and blocks on the Roof, during 1921-1922.

Verso of print:
Miss Stanton [Jessie Stanton, teacher]

Marni Mitchell hanging, Elizabeth Ann and Betsy on top, Betty walking

Taken by Luis Fred Dewey

City and Country students, in the 1920s, pose with their handmade toy boats in the Yard.

Chariot Race.jpg
In the Yard, Xs re-enact the epic poem, "Odysseus," in their social studies play, culminating their studies of Greece, on May 29, 1923. In this scene, the children re-enact a chariot race. The audience of adults looks on.

VIIs Build Large Slide with Outdoor Blocks.jpg

IIs Bunkbed.jpg

IIs clay.jpg

IIs Manicure.jpg

IIs Push Up the Slide.jpg

Rhythms Circle.jpg
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