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IVs Roof Hang Upside Down.jpg
IVs play with outdoor equipment and blocks on the Roof, during 1921-1922.

Verso of print:
Miss Stanton [Jessie Stanton, teacher]

Marni Mitchell hanging, Elizabeth Ann and Betsy on top, Betty walking

Taken by Luis Fred Dewey

IVs Roof.jpg
IVs play "coal" on the roof with outdoor blocks during the 1921-22 school year.

Teacher: Jessie Stanton

Students: Enrico Paglieri, Betty Elser, Seymour Cohen

Photo taken by Fred Dewey.

XIs Play.jpg
XIs, in the 1920s, use outdoor blocks to dramatize their social studies play.

Lower School aged children play with outdoor blocks on the roof of the 12th Street building, with St. Vincent's Hospital in the background, in the 1930s.

Lower School aged children play with outdoor blocks on the Roof Yard in the 1930s.

Children play on a variety of outdoor play equipment--blocks, the glider, a tire swing, barrels--in the 1930s. Names written on the back of the photo:
Sally and Norma and Mona
Diana and Joan
J.E. and Glenn
Harley and Pierre and…

Children look on as a VI enthusiastically jumps off a large outdoor block.

Pebble Yard

Jumping: Marc _, class of 1972
Tom _, Claude _, Nicky

Children play on the Roof with outdoor blocks, boards and barrels in 1949. Verso of print lists: Tim, Jim, Frankie, Julie, Paul, Robert, Lyndal [IIIs Teacher]

Children play in Yard with Outdoor Blocks, 1948-1949

Children animatedly talk and play with outdoor blocks, on Roof.
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