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Using This Archive


Anyone can register to the City and Country Digital Archive. Registered users can save personalized tags and notes and create custom posters that can be shared. Be sure to simply login, browse items and get started!


We welcome your submissions of stories, photos, audio and video. To make a digital submission, please see our online form. To make a donation of physical materials, please contact the City and Country School Archivist (see below).


Any user can post a comment to an item. All comments are moderated by a site administrator before they are publicly posted.


Interested in obtaining a reproduction of a City and Country School item? High-resolution images are available for licensing for personal use and for professional reproduction through contacting the C&C Archivist, Jennifer Moran at jordisr@cityandcountry.org

Terms of Use

The low-resolution web images available on City and Country School Digital Archive are suitable for immediate printing or downloading to provide good-quality reference copies for personal, research and educational purposes only.

If you use material from the C&C Digital Archive for personal, research or educational purposes, we ask that you credit the Archive by linking directly to the permalink provided or, if no permalink is provided, via the URL on which the material is found.

Contact Us

Please contact the C&C Archivist, Jordis Rosberg, with comments and questions at jordisr@cityandcountry.org or: City and Country School/Archives/146 W. 13th Street/New York, NY 10011